Description of the project:

Total project cost: 8 772 738,82 BGN

The project funded under technical assistance includes the provision of financial resources for the implementation of the following activities: programming / identification, preparation, management, monitoring and control of implementation of projects / operations under OPTTI, namely:

Activity 1: Providing of financial resource in compliance with the national legislation on the remuneration for the SDIP Directorate personnel, including monthly remuneration and social and health insurances contributions in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Code; accommodation and travelling expenses; preparing, organizing and conducting specific training courses;

Activity 2: Improvement of the material and technical base, including rental, leasing, purchase and insurance of equipment necessary for the personnel of the SDIP Directorate, including delivery of new computer and peripheral equipment, server configuration, communication and other IT equipment, consumables, as well the purchase of specialized software licenses;  delivery of stationery and supplies;

Activity 3: Fifth floor renovation and furnishing of the Administration building, located at 110 "Maria Luisa" avenue. The financial resources to cover the expenses for the implementation of the activities, are eligible and meet the requirements of the Council of Ministers Decree №189 / 28.07.2016  for  adoption of national rules on eligibility of expenditure, co-financed by ESIF, about programing period 2014-2020, (repealed the Council of Ministers Decree №119 / 20.05.2014) and comply with the Regulation 1303/2013, Regulation 1304/2013, Regulation 966/2012 rules and applicable national legislation in relation to the 2014-2020 Financial Framework.



Headquarters, Bulgaria,

Sofia 1233 bul. ”Knyaginya Mariya Luiza” 110

E-mail: office@rail-infra.bg