"Technical assistance to cover the costs of the support provided by EIB to NRIC in the field of project preparation and management under OPTTI Priority axis 4"

Council of Ministers Decision No 1048/9.12.2016 approved a draft Project Support Service Agreement between EIB and NRIC. The Agreement would be the grounds for negotiations and aims to provide external consultants assistance up to BGN 1 124 602,25 (EUR 575 000), which will contribute to the successful implementation of the railway infrastructure projects under OPTTI Priority axis 4: Innovations in management and services - establishment of modern infrastructure for traffic management and transport safety improvement.

As a beneficiary under OPTTI, NRIC lacks enough experience in the preparation and implementation of projects for deployment of intelligent transport systems which entails the use of consulting support in the implementation of such activities. For the period 2014-2020 a number of important projects related to deployment of intelligent transport systems are planned at NRIC, namely for:

-Deployment of ETCS along the railway line Sofia-Septemvri;

-Implementation of Train Operation Management/Control System, including deployment of check-points system for rolling stock control during train movement;

-Expanding the functional scope of the Geographic Information System (GIS) of NRIC;

-Deployment of ETCS along the railway line: Ruse - Kaspichan;

-Other projects, not yet identified at the time of conclusion of the present Agreement with EIB.


Within the framework of the assistance, the following tasks in the scope of the Agreement are envisaged for implementation by EIB:

Task 1: Programming and preparation phase;   

Task 2: Provision of advice in relation to the projects preparation of SDIP Directorate.




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