"Technical assistance to cover the costs associated with managing, indexing, storing and implementation of electronic archive of EU-funded project documents"


The level of administrative capacity and material and technical resources are determining factors for the quality of projects and the provision of high levels of absorption of financial resources from the EU structural instruments. The present project is aimed at supporting the Assignor and aims to improve the management of the activities carried out by NRIC and to ensure the transparency of the activities related to the preparation, implementation and operation of the railway infrastructure projects built with funds from the European Funds. The organization of the main processes of working with documents will support the high requirements for the reliable use and management of information.

In this connection there are separate rooms for which it is necessary to supply basic and additional equipment.

Direct Assistance to the Technical Capacity of the Employer can be achieved by optimizing the registration, indexing and storage of the archive and its introduction in electronic format. This can be achieved through the following activities:

- Supply, deployment, training and maintenance of electronic archive software and physical archive management software;

- Supply, installation and commissioning of basic equipment;

- Design, supply, installation and commissioning of additional equipment.




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