"Modernization of the railway section Septemvri-Plovdiv – part of the Trans-European railway network – construction of four overpasses”


The construction of four overpasses is part  the project Modernization of the railway section Septemvri-Plovdiv – part of the Trans-European railway network, financed by OPT 2007-2013 Priority axe 1 -Development of railway infrastructure along the Trans-European and major national transport axes . With Decision  509 from 08.07.2011 of Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria, the project for modernization of the railway Sofia-Plovdiv is defined as site of national importance. The project include construction of four overpasses, supervision, land acquisitions procedures, required for construction of the overpasses, publicity and visualization activities and contingencies.

The new railway will operate with a temporary road crossing, until the construction of four overpasses are finished.

As main activities of the project of construction of four overpasses are: building of construction, road part – asphalt paving, road drainage and facilities. The both projects will be put in operation separately.The appeal procedure for selection of supervision slows work programs of constructors, respectively leading to delayed start of procedures for approval of detailed site development plan and startup procedures for  of land acquisitions for the construction of 4  road overpasses. Another reason for additional delay of the procedures for construction of the 4 overpasses are coordination with the relevant institutions. All this led to need of dividing the project into stages / phases. Phasing of the major project in two programming periods is to achieve complete the project without compromising its entire range.


1: "Overpass km 107+423.59 intersation section Septemvri-Pazardhzik":

  • Construction contract: 2 282 195,75 BGN
  • Construction works - completed.


2: "Overpass km 132+592.42 intersation section Ognyanovo-Stamboliiski":

  • Construction contract: 3 152 868,03 BGN
  • Construction works - completed.


3: "Overpass km 137+336,54 in the area of Stamboliiski station":

  • Construction contract: 5 479 408,08 BGN
  • Constuction works - completed.


4: "Overpass km 146+269.20 near Todor Kableshkov station":

  • Construsction contract: 4 089 449,38 BGN
  • Construction works - completed.





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