"Rehabilitation of Railway line Plovdiv – Burgas, Phase 2"


With the implementation of the project is envisaged to rehabilitate and modernize the rest not yet renewed railway sections along the railway line Plovdiv–Burgas, namely:


Component 1: Design and installation of system for signalling and telecommunication along the railway line Plovdiv–Burgas–signaling in 18 stations; installation of: train control system ETCS, level 1; system for centralized train dispatcher`s office in the section Manole–Burgas; train communication system GSM-R and optic cable;

Component 2: Construction of overpasses/underpasses along the railway line Plovdiv-Burgas to replace existing level crossing;

Component 3: Estabilishment of protective forest belt in section Chernograd - Aytos to protect track from adverse weather conditions;

Component 4: "Rehabilitation of the railway section Skutare-Orizovo" - renewal of railway track, reconstruction of bridges and existing catenary, renewal of the signalling in stations;

Component 5: "Modernisation of railway section Orizovo-Mihaylovo" - renewal and construction of railway track and catenary, reconstruction of bridges, construction of a tunnel, modernization of track sub-station Chirpan, removal of level crossing and construction of overpasses and renewal of signallin in stations;

Component 6: Modernisation of railway section Yambol-Zimnitsa at Zavoy station-newly constructed railway track incl. in Zavoy station, newly constructed bridges, renewal of existing and newly constructed catenary;

Component 7: Reconstruction of switches layot in Zimnitsa station and rehabilitation of catenary in the station Zimnitsa and Straldzha-renewal of railway track, reconstructed permanent layout in Zimnitsa station, renewal of existing catenary in Zimnitsa and Straldzha stations and renewal of signaling in Zimnitsa station;

Component 8: "Rehabilitation of railway section Straldzha-Tserkovsi" - renewal of railway track. 

Contractions signed:


1: "Modernization of railway section Scutare-Orizovo":

Construction contract : 63 498 462,42 BGN

Construction works: completed


2: "Rehabilitation of railway section Straldhza-Cerkovski":

Construction contract: 3 789 982,49 BGN

Construction works: completed


3: "Reconstruction of switches layout at Zimnitsa station and rehabilitation of catenary in the stations Zimnitsa and Straldzha"

Construction contract: 27 470 887,19 BGN


7: "Design and construction of signaling and telecommunications"

Construction contract: 184 999 094,47 BGN


8: "Modernization of railway section Orizovo-Mihailovo"

Construction contract: 217 982 167,08 BGN




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E-mail: office@rail-infra.bg